iMars CH-S1 12V 2-8KW Parking Diesel Air Heater Adjustable Hot Silence Remote Control LCD Display Tank For Car Truck SUV Bus RV Boats

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iMars 12V Adjustable 2-8KW Parking Diesel Air Heater Remote Control LCD Display

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Brand iMars
Model CH-S1
Product Name Diesel Air Heater
Heating Power
Adjustable 2-8KW
Car Conditioning Type Heating
Rated Voltage 12 V
Fuel Consumption (L / H) 0.1-0.24(Complete Combustion Rate 90%
Operating Temperature Of The Heater -40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Operating Temperature Of The Oil Pump -40 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Size Of The Article 38 * 13.5 * 13.5 cm/14.9*5.3*5.3inch
Outlet Tube Inner Diameter 70mm
Color Black, Red
Shell Plastic
Weight 8kg



- Calcifying liquid crystal

- Heating can be applied to heat the cab of transport vehicles, storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicles.

- Can remove frost from the window.

- Ecological product, low emissions, low fuel consumption; exhaust emissions of heaters to meet the emission requirements of Euro IV engines.

- Compact structure,easy to install,quiet and noiseless

- Can disassemble to a new car when replacing the vehicle.

- Technology Volatile, by ceramic ignition socket the fuel heating evaporates into gas, rapid ignition, complete combustion.

- The use of advanced automatic control technology, with abnormal operating conditions reliable.

- Fuel, electricity, temperature can be set arbitrarily.


Package Included:

1 x

Car heater

1 x

Digital switch

1 x

Main wiring harness

1 x

Remote control

1 x


1 x

10L Tank

1 x

Oil pump

1 x

Oil filter

1 x

Inlet air hose

1 x

Outlet air tube

1 x

Air outlet

1 x

Exhaust tube

1 x


1 x

Screw Accessory Kit


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